POS Department

The POS system in our program is characterized by the transfer of room invoices and payment in cash, in the case of the transfer of the invoice receivables collected from the reception section directly

The most important features of this section

  • Lounge system and table service
  • Definition of classification of material and possibility of modification
  • Definition of materials and linking them within classifications
  • Add requests to tables and the possibility of modification
  • The possibility of payment in cash or hospitality or at the expense of a room
  • Ability to control, cancel or approve applications
  • Detailed daily sales reports.
  • Reports on the level of meals and classifications
  • Link the restaurant sales to the accounting system directly
  • Diagram of daily orders and meals provided

POS system powers

  • The main sales hall
  • daily sales
  • Articles - Add modification
  • Tables / Tickets
  • Request for processing
  • Orders processed
  • Sales summaries - scheduler

Home section of POS

  • Sales today
  • Materials available
  • Number of requests for today
  • Number of people who were transferred for breakfast by the reception department
  • Number of people transferred for lunch by reception
  • Number of persons who were transferred to dinner by reception

The main screen of POS

Point of sale Dashboard


Point of sale charts