This is one of the most vital and important sections. It is the first thing that a guest faces when he enters the hotel, as well as the last thing he sees when leaving, so it is designed in an easy way with high accuracy to achieve the highest level of control and provide the finest services to guests quickly and efficiently.

The most important features of this section

  • The possibility of booking as individuals and groups
  • Manage hotel arrivals and departures as individuals or groups
  • Easily edit guest or group data
  • The possibility of transferring the guest from one room to another room
  • Cancellation of reservations
  • Set the room rate by the number of guests with the possibility of calculating the price including taxes and service charges
  • Know the status of rooms (vacant, reserved, occupied)
  • Comprehensive and varied reports on reservations and guests
  • Connect customer accounts directly with the accounting department
  • Currency exchange
  • A timeline for stays and reservations
  • A chart that provides the user with information about departures, arrivals, expected departures, bookings made during the day and many other features

Powers of the reception section

  • Register a new guest
  • Entrance and exit procedures
  • Cancellation of reservations
  • An invoice is added through the reception or other sections
  • Early checkout
  • Add batches
  • Transfer of rooms
  • Print invoices
  • Printing the card

The main tab of the reception section contains

  • Arrivals today
  • Departing today
  • Expected to leave today
  • Number of hotel rooms
  • Rooms available for sleeping
  • The room is occupied
  • Converter
  • The God Account
  • Advanced Search
  • Statistics for individual bookings
  • Statistics for the wedding offices

Home of the reception section

Front office dashboard


Front office chart 1
Front office chart 2