Department of Accounting

The accounting system in our program is integrated to the maximum degree, it is connected with all sections of the hotel, and get reports directly from all departments in the case of issuance, and contains many advantages not available in other programs

The most important features of this section

  • List clients, manage their accounts and edit their data
  • Ease of handling your purchase invoices
  • Comprehensive accounting reports on all departments
  • Comprehensive reports on revenues and expenses
  • Comprehensive billing reports
  • Detailed reports on taxes
  • Comprehensive reports on social security
  • Follow up the bank balance
  • Checks the bank account
  • Add batches of customers
  • Possibility of adding accounting restrictions
  • Staff withdrawals
  • Daily summaries of revenues and expenses
  • Daily movement report
  • Chart of daily accounting movements

Powers of the accountant

  • Detailed report of daily income
  • Detailed report of daily expenses
  • Customer reports that they are creditors or owe
  • Add payments to employees through a smart screen
  • Relocation of bank balances - Daily
  • Detailed reports of sales and purchases yesterday
  • Detailed detailed reports of sales and purchases by date
  • Report on all accounts receivable
  • Report on all accounts payable
  • A detailed report of the income of the sections - funds
  • Detailed report of departmental expenses - funds
  • Monthly Social Security Report
  • Billing reports
  • Report of assets that were transferred to the bank - Visa checks - and withdrawals
  • Tax report and services

Home Page Accountant

  • Daily Revenue
  • Daily expense
  • Amount available
  • Number of store orders
  • The actual balance in the bank
  • City checks have not been received
  • Checks the city today
  • Checks the creditor today
  • Credit checks not received

Accounting Home

Accountant Dashboard


Accountant Chart 1
Accountant Chart 2